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3493Re: Spurs sans Duncan -- POSITION PER QUESTION -- fault on 82games.com?

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  • nickouli5
    Mar 23 3:33 PM
      I will agree that Manu has been gambling since about mid-season when
      he moved to the bench more than he did in the beggining of the season
      (in fact much more).

      I actually thought he cut down on the gambling A LOT from last
      season, but there was a game in New Orleans, when he came off the
      bench and did it at a crucial point of the game and might have been a
      huge reason the Spurs lost the game. He usually never made those
      type of mistakes down the stretch of games.

      Either way, I think he is generally a very solid defender. Even
      though he gambles a bit these days, he still creates a lot of
      turnovers via charges and steals.

      And about 2001, I know Bowen was not around. But I was trying to
      kind of hint towards the TWIN TOWER approach maybe being the primary
      reason an SG/SF always is in the top TENDEX defensive ratings since
      2001 (maybe even before that) if we were to check.

      If Bowen is the reason for the SG's being held so low, then why is
      the SG production PER at a net positive at +2.5? And negative at the
      SF position (or was once close to it)? He certainly doesn't put up
      LARGE PER and Turkoglu altough is scoring more these days and
      grabbing rebounds, I would have to assume Manu, Turk, AND Bowen are
      all playing solid defense. If there is any weakness in the D its
      with Parker slightly, and even MORE SO at the backup PG position for
      the Spurs.

      Of course the two 7 footer approach helps them all become a little
      more risky etc..... But I don't see how Manu and Hedo cannot being
      doing solid defensively, when the PER, defensive ratings are solid
      across the board? Isn't it safe to conclude the Spurs are getting
      reasonable production on both ends with the THREE MAN ROTATIOn at the
      SG and SF? And the reason the SF might be low is solely because of
      Bowens lack of scoring at times?
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