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3331top 25 trade value estimate by new performance rating

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  • Joe
    Mar 7, 2004
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      Player Team PS Revised Trade Value
      garnett,kevin min PF 62.95
      webber,chris sac PF 62.69
      duncan,tim san PF 57.37
      brand,elton lac PF 52.35
      o'neal,shaq lal C 49.82
      ming,yao hou C 46.32
      martin,kenyon njn PF 44.33
      o'neal,jermaine ind PF 43.44
      boozer,carlos cle PF 42.24
      nowitzki,dirk dal PF 42.19
      abdur-rahim,s por PF 42.09
      stojakovic,p sac SF 41.64
      randolph,zach por PF 40.92
      wallace,ben det PF 38.35
      kirilenko,a uta SF 37.13
      miller,brad sac C 36.57
      dampier,erick gsw C 36.21
      marshall,d tor PF 35.78
      bryant,kobe lal SG 35.07
      stoudemire,a pho PF 34.00
      mcgrady,tracy orl SG 33.81
      marion,shawn pho SF 31.77
      malone,karl lal pf 27.69
      kidd,jason njn PG 26.14
      redd,michael mil SG 25.98

      shaq should be ahead of brand and webber too but, considering age, i
      think duncan and garnett are ok to be higher.
      boozer is probably too high and may be getting the fairly healthy
      benefit of being on a weak team. bryant and kidd should be in top 10
      but my bigman bias hurts them. i may have to tweak the formula a bit
      further to recognize perimeter players fairly.