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3330Re: more on "under "and "over" rated in new performance rankings

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  • Joe
    Mar 7, 2004
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      i would nominate iverson as most overated. but the new formula puts
      him at about the 11th best guard behind mcgrady, bryant, redd, allen,
      kidd, finley, pierce, cassell, bibby and baron davis. maybe on
      talent he'd be a little higher but based on stats and his poor
      shooting it doesnt seem far off.

      cassell may be one of the underappreciate but under new formula he
      moves up to 25th. second ranked among point guards after top ranked

      marbury seems rated about right to me at low to mid 30's . -1 on
      court plus/minus at 82 games. 5th among points behind baron davis and
      barely behind andre miller.

      brad miller overall game looks like he deserves his ranking. 3rd
      among center behine shaq and yao.

      boozer and kenny thomas rank surprisingly high and might be overrated
      as 6th and 14th best best power forwards respectively but not by
      much. my new version of the performance formula sustains their

      dampier improved his. ranked as 4th best center, a little ahead of
      camby, ilgauskas. magliore. that doesnt seem inappropriate.

      as for overrating big men, underrating smaller players i plead
      guilty. i think good bigmen are more valuable good perimeter
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