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  • doc319
    Feb 26, 2004
      I'm not suggesting anything of the sort; I was just responding to
      the post about where Pippen's "impact" ranked in Sagarin as opposed
      to Rosenbaum. Shaq could not provide for Portland the exact
      qualities that Pip did (playing point guard, man to man defense on
      the perimeter, etc.) but of course he would more than offset that by
      providing a dominant post presence.

      The Blazers were surely dysfunctional but when Pip was at full speed
      they actually were very "functional" (When Pip was healthy and
      starting at point guard they went 22-5 over one stretch of the
      season, including wins against Minn, Sac, Spurs,
      Dall); "dysfunction" returned when Pip injured his left knee and the
      team finished 8-10 down the stretch.

      > Does this imply that a straight-up trade of Pippen for -- say --
      > Shaq would have made the Blazers less successful?
      > Or were the Blazers a singularly dysfunctional team, with whom
      > Pippen just happened to fill their gaps particularly well?

      That's kind of my point: many people seem to not believe that he was
      that "impactful" last year (or during his prime), but Sagarin and
      Rosenbaum's numbers suggest otherwise. Regular observers of the
      Blazers last year would also acknowlege his "impact."

      > Well, I'm not a Pip detractor by any means. Neither do I think
      > his 'impact' is that great, at this stage in his career, over a
      > season.
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