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  • Mike G
    Feb 26 5:58 AM
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      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, "doc319" <doc319@y...> wrote:
      > Sagarin had Pip as the 4th best player in the NBA in '03 (behind
      > Duncan and Nowitzki) but 2nd in "impact," a measurement of a
      > player's contributions when the game is close. Anyone who followed
      > Portland last year saw that the Blazers offense ran much more
      > smoothly and the defense was much sounder when Pip was playing ...

      Does this imply that a straight-up trade of Pippen for -- say --
      Shaq would have made the Blazers less successful?

      Or were the Blazers a singularly dysfunctional team, with whom
      Pippen just happened to fill their gaps particularly well?

      I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Aren't the Lakers a
      shadow of themselves with Shaq out of the lineup? I'd think he
      would be near the top of any 'impact' measurement.

      Maybe we're seeing a true "impact to team" measurement, and there's
      no league-wide comparison forthcoming: Ostertag-without-a-backup is
      just more 'impactful' than Shaq-backed-by-Medvedenko (or whomever).

      > ...I do think that the numbers are
      > somehow surprising or disturbing to his detractors, who no doubt
      > will try to find some way to "explain away" this "anomaly."

      Well, I'm not a Pip detractor by any means. Neither do I think
      his 'impact' is that great, at this stage in his career, over a full
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