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3276Re: My version of WINVAL (my analysis of it)

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  • wimpds
    Feb 25, 2004
      > 4. I believe WINVAL had Scottie Pippen as the 2nd best player last
      > year. That is closer to your WV2. It's amazing to me how much
      > weighting by clutch time matters in your system, which makes me
      > reconsider whether it is a good measure. Perhaps it exaggerates a
      > bit. Regardless, it implies that perhaps the method -- KF vs
      > regression -- isn't as important as how you treat crunch time.
      > can say the same thing about human perception, of course. We seem
      > give a lot of credit to players who hit clutch shots, perhaps more
      > than we should.)

      WINVAL's top5:

      1. Garnett
      2. Duncan
      3. Nowitzki
      4. Rip Hamilton
      5. Pippen

      (source: April 27, 2003 NY Times)
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