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2663Re: Vin, Rants, and Roland

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  • Mike G
    Nov 8, 2003
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      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, bchaikin@a... wrote:
      > I'd also like to see other people come up with lists that combine
      > and regular-season stuff.    
      > you can do this at <A
      HREF="www.bballsports.com">www.bballsports.com</A>, using the web-
      based basketball
      > players database (and the "subtotals" feature)...

      I believe you without checking, Bob. I've used your site many times
      (and never found an error!) However, I was thinking along the lines
      of comparing seasons and careers.

      Lots of people have "ranked" player-seasons based on numbers more
      sophisticated than raw totals. There are a few examples I'm aware
      of that rank postseasons, as well.

      A few people have players ranked by career -- but they've only gone
      by regular-seasons. In the playoffs, your opponents aren't the
      whole NBA, but a select sample; so any game-pace or competition
      factors should be customized for each team, each year.

      It's a pretty big job to do it, but I have done it, by my own
      imperfect methods. If others do it, we could compare. That's what
      I've been looking forward to.
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