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2640Re: [APBR_analysis] Vin, Rants, and Roland

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  • Stephen Greenwell
    Nov 5, 2003
      and the person who - i'm not sure if he actually came up with the idea, but who certainly popularized it - did this, voros mccracken, now works for the boston red sox, no?...

      Voros is technically the assistant to Bill James.  Both work for the Red Sox right now, and are allegedly drawing up four scenarios - Red Sox with Nomar and Pedro, just Nomar, just Pedro, or neither.

      fyi - "Moneyball" is turning heads not just in the baseball world but the world of almost all professionals sports in the old US of A, to a greater extent than you may be aware of...

      With the ChiSox hiring of Ozzie Guillen and continual bad trades by the Cubs and White Sox, I'm not so sure that this is true ;)  Until the A's or Red Sox or Blue Jays win a world series, I don't think people will be trying to copy them.  The last two winners (Angels and Marlins) have stated policies of relying on "smallball" to win, and the winter hirings have reflected this.

      Steve Greenwell
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