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2637Re: Vin, Rants, and Roland

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  • Dean Oliver
    Nov 5, 2003
      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, "wimpds" <wimpds@y...> wrote:
      > -
      > >
      > > It sounds like you've studied it more than I, so I defer, for
      now. In
      > > my looks, I didn't see a lot of difference.
      > >
      > I think you'll find that where James takes on Palmer directly, he
      > makes some good points.

      Where is that exactly? I've read some of the rants on general lin
      weights vs runs created but not found them very instructive. Having
      asked Pete about the disagreements, I tend to find his responses a
      little more, how do I say it, more emotionally detached and
      scientific. But I haven't seen much on the defense.

      > > quantity. Further, with that degree of freedom, you can actually
      > > stats to IMPROVE players, as we did with Rashard Lewis (hopefully
      > > improved, it is still early). I also looked at similar stuff for
      > Could you expand on this? Very intriguing, but I'm afraid I have
      > almost no idea what you mean.

      Right now, that's a trick of the trade. And it ain't simple.
      Basically, if you see a number of players with certain similar
      characteristics, but certain things distinguish some as being much
      better than others, what causes those things? Why did MJ not commit
      turnovers? Why did Dirk Nowitzki explode after a brutal frosh year
      whereas others don't do that? The right numbers shed interesting
      light on some of this. Some of those are things like similarity
      scores, but there is more. Some of it's in the book, some of it is

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