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262[APBR_analysis] Re: Jordan

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  • nikoz6@yahoo.com
    Oct 3, 2001
      > I agree with much of what is said on Jordan. I
      > would pose one
      > question. Do you think the fact that MJ will be
      > allowed to play zone
      > under the new rules might help his longevity?

      I'm also sure it will help him. Watching European
      basketball, I always took zone defense for granted.
      It's more about being clever than being too athletic.
      Even if Jordan is now 80% of his '98 self, he's still
      athletic and he definitely is clever enough to change
      and adjust his game as he has done many times in
      the past.

      I even tend to think that the new rules were made
      just for MJ's comeback... with the zone defense
      he will not often look rediculous when Iverson
      for example will use his crossover. I've heard
      also that he might move into small forward.

      In offense, the fact that big men are not
      allowed to stay in the paint for longer than 3''
      will allow him to dunk instead of being rejected
      (he sure can still dunk but over Shaq or Mutombo?
      Not very likely to happen, at least more than once).

      What do you think of my "conspiracy theory"? :)

      I dont think there's any doubt that he can still
      play well. If Dale Ellis can score 10 points in
      his 38's, Jordan can sure score 20 (especially
      playing in a team like Washington). He will
      play well but seeing him being "just a good
      player" is not exactly matching to his career
      till now.

      The fact is we don't really know how it will
      be like and that's what makes it interesting.
      Most guesses are that the battle "Jordan Vs Time"
      will be something close to a draw cause it's the
      most possible scenario. But then, either of
      them might win totally as well...

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