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2480Re: NBA stats site

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  • schtevie2003
    Oct 10, 2003
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      Very interesting data on 82games.com. A couple of questions:

      1) What is the source of the raw data from which the +/-
      summaries were generated?

      2) Apparently I am misunderstanding the +/- definition in the
      tables. By my way of thinking when you take the +/- for a given
      player when ON the court and multiply it by his fraction of playing
      time and then add the +/- for the same player when OFF the court
      and muliply it by his fraction of non-playing time, what you should
      get is the team plus minus, no? In doing a loose check on Paul
      Pierce, I find the implication that the '03-'03 Celtics were
      outscored (which may be the case) but also that the team
      implied figure based on Mr. Battie's +/- differed, which cannot be,
      according to my conception of the stat. Please advise.


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