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2444Re: progression or regression

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  • John Hollinger
    Sep 3, 2003
      Dead on with point No. 2, except for Arroyo, who I think will
      surprise a lot of people with Utah this year.

      On point No. 1, there are also a few Europeans who NBA teams have
      desperately been trying to get to play in the league but have been
      more than happy to stay in Europe. Most prominent among them is Dejan
      Bodiroga, who the Kings took the same year they picked Stojakovic and
      is a superstar in Spain but has no intention of ever leaving. Milos
      Vujanic, Andres Noccioni, Nikola Vujcic and a few others could also
      pretty clearly play in the NBA if they felt like it.

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      > wrote:
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      > >
      > the infusion of foreigners into the NBA should
      > > be viewed as a net improvement in the average talent of the
      > > league, not a mere substitution on the scrub margin.
      > >
      > > And this in turn has implications on interpreting NBA trends.
      > > Low offensive productivity, bad offense or good defense? The
      > > former interpretation is increasingly difficult to support.
      > >
      > > Thoughts?
      > I would think the addition of euros is a net improvement but two
      > other factors to consider:
      > 1) have we maxed out the number of useful euros in the nba or are
      > there a bunch of decent euros who could come him here and play near
      > average thus raising the talent pool?
      > 2) does international competition overstate how good some of these
      > guys are? the 3 point line is much closer than the nba, the lane
      > shorter, the game shorter, its possible that a lot of guys who have
      > looked good in these games are barely adequate if not worse in the
      > nba (for recent examples see ruben wolkwyski, shane heal, Mirsad
      > Truckan, Carlos Arroyo)
      > I tend to think more euros could come over here in do well if the
      > teams were willing to invest the time. The interesting question is
      > if/when the nba goes into europe, how much expansion could there be
      > without diluting the talent pool?
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