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24Effect of draft -- continued study

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  • Dean Oliver
    Feb 22, 2001
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      Five years ago, I did a simple study to look at the effect of draft
      picks on their new teams.


      Under the APBR group, a discussion has been going about whether the
      kids coming out are NBA-ready (and how to keep them in school or
      whether the dev league is a good idea). What I'd like to do is
      update the study there. This involves simply looking at the
      players drafted and their NBA teams' records before and after their
      arrival. What was evident then was that teams were not improving as
      much. I am wondering whether that trend has continued or reversed or
      flattened. I think the Duncan year should be analyzed carefully
      because of Duncan AND Robinson returning.

      I am travelling again all next week and won't have time to do this.
      Anyone else?

      (I have my old spreadsheet if you want it.)

      Dean Oliver
      Journal of Basketball Studies