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2381Re: East - West imbalance

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  • John Hollinger
    Aug 8, 2003
      I studied this very topic each of the past two years. In 2001-02
      playing in the East was worth about a game in the standings for most
      teams, in 2002-03 it was worth closer to two games. This might be
      smaller than people imagine, but the reason is that regardless of
      which league a team plays in, 56 of the games will be exactly the

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      > Subject: [APBR_analysis] Re: East - West imbalance
      > How do you know that the worst west teams are the worst teams in
      > league? isn't it possible that their records are only worse than
      > those of the east because they have to play the west juggernauts
      > often? i think you'd have to have more detailed team-by-team
      > data to make an assertion like the one in this post.
      > I was looking only at interconference records. The worst teams in
      the West had worse records against East teams than the worst East
      teams had against Western teams.
      > ed
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