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2297Re: Effect of rest

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  • Dean Oliver
    Jun 30, 2003
      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, Gary Collard <collardg@e...>
      > Dean Oliver wrote:
      > >
      > > What was weird about the study on rest is that 1 day off was
      > > than 2 days off and no days off. It seemed to be the optimal rest
      > > period.
      > This seems like it could be the effect of routine,
      > play-travel/practice-play with an additional day of rest?/practice?
      > throwing that off. Maybe it is more mental than physical, although
      > sharpness could start to become an issue as the number of days off
      > increases.

      I also realize that I have to refine the study a bit to make sure
      it's not picking up too much of the road/home effect. There are a
      few other potential biases it could pick up without a lot of care.
      In doing this, I should be able to get at the win% by time on the
      road. (I think the results are going to be generally fine, but I
      knew there were reasons I'd never published this stuff.)

      Relating this back to that other topic -- did they play more back-to-
      backs in the old days? If so, we may be able to adjust for that...

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