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2293Re: Statistical study re road trip performance?

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  • John Hollinger
    Jun 28 2:17 PM
      On a somewhat related note, Bill James also did a study on no-hitters
      which found that teams tended to be no hit at the end of road trips,
      among other things, or at the end of other tiring stretches (i.e, 20
      games in 20 days/last week of season/3 doublehaders in five days type
      of stuff)

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      > > My reason for mentioning this is because when I was reading the
      > > article, I had a vague recollection of a statistical study that
      > > done which studied team performance at various stages of a road
      > trip,
      > > and that the conclusion drawn was that a travelling team's
      > > performance tended to deteriorate as the road trip wore on.
      > >
      > > I'm pretty sure that this study was a (professional) basketball
      > study-
      > > -weekly football schedules don't lend themselves to studies
      > of "road
      > > trips" and there's not that much published statistical studies of
      > > hockey, period. I vaguely recall that it was a fairly simple
      > --
      > > it only used winning percentage and, I believe, margin of victory
      > > (which is why I don't think it was a baseball study). I don't
      > > know if the study was in depth enough to control for quality of
      > > opponent.
      > Sounds really familiar to me, too, but I may be thinking of a study
      > on how teams perform with various days rest. It's an easy study to
      > do, though. Maybe soon...
      > DeanO
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