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2290Statistical study re road trip performance?

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  • medeas_child
    Jun 28, 2003
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      One of the writers for Baseball Prospectus, Gary Huckabay, wrote an
      article in which he speculated that a road team's performance might
      be adversely affected on the first day of a road trip, because of the
      hassle of travelling.

      The article can be found here:
      (but, alas, it's only available to Premium subscribers)

      My reason for mentioning this is because when I was reading the
      article, I had a vague recollection of a statistical study that was
      done which studied team performance at various stages of a road trip,
      and that the conclusion drawn was that a travelling team's
      performance tended to deteriorate as the road trip wore on.

      I'm pretty sure that this study was a (professional) basketball study-
      -weekly football schedules don't lend themselves to studies of "road
      trips" and there's not that much published statistical studies of
      hockey, period. I vaguely recall that it was a fairly simple study---
      it only used winning percentage and, I believe, margin of victory
      (which is why I don't think it was a baseball study). I don't even
      know if the study was in depth enough to control for quality of

      Am I misrecalling? Hallucinating? If so, HAVE there been any
      similar studies done--for basketball or any other sport?

      Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

      Medea's Child
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