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208Re: Stats, again?

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  • lk_maxwell@hotmail.com
    Aug 9, 2001
      I have just been reading through this thread and this is exactly the
      type of project I would be willing to have over at my website,

      I don't know how familiar everyone is with databases and the Internet
      so I'll explain a little bit about how it works. The site uses a
      database as a back-end. What would happen is when someone wants the
      scores or stats for a particular team or player the database will
      look up that particular information and send it to the web page for
      the visitor to view. When the database is updated, the next time
      someone views the page the changes will be already reflected. There
      is no need to print out dozens of html or text files and post them to
      a site. It is all done "behind-the-scenes" so to speak. Also, pages
      can be designed to view data in a variety of ways very easily and
      even make calculations to create numbers not held in the database,
      such as if the raw totals are stored then the points per game is
      simple to calculate and display on the web page. I can also allow
      members to update the database over the Internet or if they have
      large amounts of data, then they could email it to me for direct
      importation. Either way is very easy.

      My only concern about volunteering for this is of over-extending
      myself. I cannot promise when I can have the database or web pages
      up, and I still have about billion other things to do between work,
      family, other projects, etc. However, if there are those who are
      willing to update the site with data, then I will do what I can as
      fast as I can.

      Let me know if you have any thoughts.

      Loren Maxwell
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