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207The Score Project

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  • lk_maxwell@hotmail.com
    Aug 1, 2001
      As this concerns college basketball, I know this is slightly off-
      subject, but I think there are some here who may be interested in
      helping with a project I have undertaken.

      I have started a web-site at http://www.thescoreproject.org/
      dedicated to researching and cataloging every Division I college
      basketball game played. Right now the web pages are rather
      elementary, however I will be continuing to update the site as
      quickly as I can.

      Currently Mark Stenby and I have entered just shy of 100,000 games in
      the database, all of which can be accessed on the site. Also, the
      all-time weekly AP poll results are available.

      Please stop by and sign-up in the forum there and let me know what
      you think the site should have or if you have any contributions you
      can make.

      Thank you,

      Loren Maxwell