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201Re: Stats, again?

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  • lilnemo21@hotmail.com
    Jul 24, 2001
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      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., "Dean Oliver" <deano@t...> wrote:
      > Data are rather valuable, as free/public domain as we'd like info to
      > be. The NBA doesn't like freely giving out stats in a usable form.
      > think they've made the case that the stats are copyrighted actually,
      > which has a legal implication about _how_ you get them. You can
      > enter them from the newspaper, but can't write a program to download
      > them from NBA websites -- I think.) Nor does Bob. It takes us all
      > time, but it is a goal of APBR to get public domain and easy-to-use
      > data. Unfortunately, none of us are fulltime at this either....

      Perhaps even with an upload of the data of what Dean has now we can QC
      & post the corrections. Time consuming, but not if we share in the

      Any suggestions on that front?
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