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2008Re: Poll results for APBR_analysis

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  • monepeterson
    Apr 20, 2003
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      > What are people seeing?

      I went with the Spurs because they've been playing the best down the
      stretch and the way they handled the Lakers this year, but in Game One
      against Phoenix, Duncan didn't look like his usual self and now I have
      to wonder if his knee is bothering him slightly. Sadly, I think the
      Lakers are second. No, I don't think their regular-season performance
      represents their current level of ability. Dallas' defense has gone
      into the sink and Sacramento has been playing awfully squirrely of
      late (still working on the statistical determination of
      "squirrely-ness") although I can see them turning it around.

      If Duncan is 100% and the games are called square, I still give it to
      the Spurs. If neither happens, I give it to the Lakers. If we get a
      repeat of the Game Six snow job last year, I may swear off playoff

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