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199Stats, again?

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  • lilnemo21@hotmail.com
    Jul 24, 2001
      In regards to my prior post, wouldn't it make sense to make a file
      containing comprehensive stats for each league available on-site?
      Let's face it, not everyone has 20-75 dollars to spend on an NBA
      Register, Guide, or history book. And the statistics, for the most
      part, are not widely available on the net. The stats themselves cannot
      be claimed, they're free, public domain. Why not make them available?
      Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Bob Chaikin, and Dean's databases, but a
      single comprehensive file, with just the stats would allow for all to
      use as a single resource for creating there own theory without going
      through a lot of leg work. Sort of an "open-data" project if you will.
      Single files maintained at the group site, as well as the APBR main
      site. Divided up by respective league, ABA, BAA/NBA, CBA, etc., etc.
      proofread by members, and posted for reference.
      Any comments, ideas?

      Godspeed gentleman,
      Richard A.
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