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1921Re: Hall of Fame

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  • John Hollinger
    Mar 15, 2003
      I think you're all forgetting the HOF is combined college and pro. I
      agree with the sentiment that Worthy was mightily overrated as a pro,
      but collegiately he was the national player of the year on a team
      that won the NCAA title, which means he's walking right in. Worthy
      was also MVP of the 88 finals, which has to count for something.

      After Worthy, I'd take DJ over Parish for one reason: He was the best
      player on a team that won the championship. He also made all-NBA
      once. Chief could never come close to making that claim. DJ can go in
      the Hall's new "All-Ugly" wing.

      He's my third choice from the list, but I actually think Parish
      belong as well. IMHO the Hall has too few professional players and
      far too many college coaches.

      Dantley is No. 4 on the list. 30 ppg four straight years is hard to
      ignore, but he never made all-NBA first team and only made second-
      team twice. I say leave him out.

      The other guys are a bunch of Vada Pinsons. Nice stats, good players,
      but stay out of my Hall please.

      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, Gary Collard <collardg@e...>
      > harlanzo wrote:
      > >
      > > Anyone have opinions on the nominees this year? I'll give mine
      > > quickly:
      > >
      > > Robert Parish: In, was very good (not great) for so long.
      > In, easily, due to career value.
      > > James Worthy: I think he was actually a tad overrated. good but
      > > so different from tons of other good scoring small forwards.
      > In, not a slam dunk but his playoff performances and being a key to
      > dynasty team puts him over the top.
      > > Dennis Johnson: all star on seattle and phoenix decent on Boston.
      > > closer but not quite.
      > Very close, falls a bit short to me but would not be a bad
      > > Adrian Dantley: had a nice scoring run on utah. but he was a jerk
      > > and his teams were just as good (if not better) after he was
      > Such a liability on defense and poor rebounder that I can't
      > consider him.
      > > Bobby Jones: wow. this one is not even close. role player not
      > > more.
      > The Bill Mazeroski candidate. Great defensive player, but others
      have been
      > at least as good so no way.
      > > Gus Johnson: was a great power forward but his career was a bit
      > > short to get in in my opinion.
      > Same for me, that short woudl require a dominant player.
      > > Chet Walker: I never really considered him great or a star. a
      > > player like this needs a longer career to get in.
      > Like DJ, I do not support him but would not be horrified if he got
      > > Maurice Cheeks: he really was a good player but always subsidiary
      > > true stars. there are many better pguards since.
      > Yes, excellent but not a HOFer.
      > > Walter DAvis: another really good shooting guard who was not much
      > > a defender or passer. I like him but I think there are better
      > > candidates.
      > Not a serious candidate.
      > For the other North American non-college candidates, Chick Hearn,
      > Meadowlark Lemon and Tex Winter get my vote.
      > --
      > Gary Collard
      > SABR-L Moderator
      > collardg@e...
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      > proliferation - not just unchecked but accelerated - will make the
      > violent century just passed seem an era of remarkable tranquility in
      > comparison." -- Senator John McCain
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