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1919Re: [APBR_analysis] Consistency

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  • Gary Collard
    Mar 14 6:14 PM
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      john wallace craven wrote:
      > I've got to say that one of the things that I *really* like about
      > baseball's HOF Monitor scores in particular and Bill James statistics in
      > particular is that they are very accessible. I know that that's not
      > always
      > a popular thing among statheads (accessibility), but I truly believe that
      > the primary difference between James and the guys who came immediately
      > before and after him is that his methods were straightforward and easy to
      > comprehend. As time went on, he factored in more and more things in stats
      > like Runs Created, but without that ease of use baseball stats would
      > essentially be where secondary basketball stats are now: outside of a
      > couple that have been used for eons, nobody trusts 'em.

      What you say about accessibility and simplicity is true. It would be
      better for the state of the art if everything was "open source," but guys
      want to sell books and website subscriptions. Not that there's anything
      wrong with that :)

      Gary Collard
      SABR-L Moderator
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