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1908Re: [APBR_analysis] Hall of Fame

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  • Gary Collard
    Mar 12 9:06 AM
      harlanzo wrote:
      > Anyone have opinions on the nominees this year? I'll give mine
      > quickly:
      > Robert Parish: In, was very good (not great) for so long.

      In, easily, due to career value.

      > James Worthy: I think he was actually a tad overrated. good but not
      > so different from tons of other good scoring small forwards.

      In, not a slam dunk but his playoff performances and being a key to a
      dynasty team puts him over the top.

      > Dennis Johnson: all star on seattle and phoenix decent on Boston.
      > closer but not quite.

      Very close, falls a bit short to me but would not be a bad selection.

      > Adrian Dantley: had a nice scoring run on utah. but he was a jerk
      > and his teams were just as good (if not better) after he was traded

      Such a liability on defense and poor rebounder that I can't seriously
      consider him.

      > Bobby Jones: wow. this one is not even close. role player not much
      > more.

      The Bill Mazeroski candidate. Great defensive player, but others have been
      at least as good so no way.

      > Gus Johnson: was a great power forward but his career was a bit too
      > short to get in in my opinion.

      Same for me, that short woudl require a dominant player.

      > Chet Walker: I never really considered him great or a star. a
      > player like this needs a longer career to get in.

      Like DJ, I do not support him but would not be horrified if he got in.

      > Maurice Cheeks: he really was a good player but always subsidiary to
      > true stars. there are many better pguards since.

      Yes, excellent but not a HOFer.

      > Walter DAvis: another really good shooting guard who was not much of
      > a defender or passer. I like him but I think there are better
      > candidates.

      Not a serious candidate.

      For the other North American non-college candidates, Chick Hearn,
      Meadowlark Lemon and Tex Winter get my vote.

      Gary Collard
      SABR-L Moderator

      "If you embrace containment, you must accept proliferation, and
      proliferation - not just unchecked but accelerated - will make the
      violent century just passed seem an era of remarkable tranquility in
      comparison." -- Senator John McCain
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