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1903Re: Hall of Fame

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  • harlanzo
    Mar 12, 2003
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      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, "Mike G" <msg_53@h...> wrote:

      > >
      > > James Worthy: I think he was actually a tad overrated. good but
      > not
      > > so different from tons of other good scoring small forwards.
      > Ignoring the postseason, this would be a true statement.
      > he was monster. Marginal Top 50 in my book.

      I would not want to overweigh his post season career too much. With
      Magic gone, Worthy was not great in the playoffs. I would not want
      to overcredit a subsidiary player in the playoffs if a similar
      player (Mike Mitchell, Mike Woodson) might have been able to rack up
      good playoff games with magic too. This is not to say that these
      guys are as good as Worthy but there are a bunch of SFs(Bernard
      King, Adrian Dantley, Chris Mullin etc) who were good and had some
      good playoff games too.

      >> >
      > > Adrian Dantley: had a nice scoring run on utah. but he was a
      > > and his teams were just as good (if not better) after he was
      > Hmmm. He was an offensive superman. I don't see much in
      > before and after a trade. If the trade is even, there shouldn't
      be a
      > difference.
      > In 1983, AD was out all but 22 games, and Utah's W-L % was .349
      > In '84, he played 79 G, and Utah was .549
      > In '85, he played 55 G, and Utah was .496
      > Though that's only part of the story; but on this one, I think
      > Harlan's synopsis is stooping just a bit.

      Here are Dantley's yearly records on Utah and his ppg:

      1979-80 24-58 and 28.0
      1980-81 28-54 and 30.7
      1981-82 25-57 and 30.3
      1982-83 30-52 and DAntley injured for all but 22 games
      1983-84 45-37 and 30.6
      1984-85 41-41 and 26.7
      1985-86 42-40 and 29.8
      1986-87 44-38 and Dantley traded for Tripucka

      On Detroit Dantley was good but the team won two championships after
      he was traded. My conclusion, Dantley was a good scorer but hardly
      irreplaceable. You combined that with the fact that a lot of people
      hated him, there is strong argument is not HOF material.

      > >
      > > Bobby Jones: wow. this one is not even close. role player not
      > much
      > > more.
      > I keep forgetting, there are superstars and role players, and
      > in between.

      Role player is an oversimplification but he went from good regular
      to role player. He still is not close to HOF.
      >> While I'm at it, Harlan's website is itself terrific stuff. He's
      > really steeped in the best basketball traditions, and
      > where it matters. Check it out if you haven't:
      > http://www.hoopsanalyst.com/

      Thanks for the pop Mike. I'll use the opportunity to again solicit
      articles for the site. We have gotten a number of people posted on
      the site from apbr_analysis. anything hoops related you want to
      write about is welcomed and encouraged. If you don't want to write
      too much, we also like people unveiling methods/formulae and lists
      ranking players as a result. DeanO recently did it, it's fun easy
      and not time consuming. You can reach me at either
      info@... or harlanzo@.... Thanks
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