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1790Re: On a lighter note...

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  • John Hollinger <alleyoop2@yahoo.com>
    Feb 18, 2003
      <!-- RANT -->

      Bruce Bowen, Michael Curry, and to a lesser extent Eric Williams
      should be fascinating studies for our crowd. In fact, we should be
      devoting huge amounts of attention to these guys.

      Whether you're using Tendex, PER, or another system to statistically
      rate players, you're going to come up with a rating for all three of
      them that shows them to be absolutely horrible. Yet all three are
      important players on good teams.

      To me, that underscores more than anything how many miles behind we
      are in the study of defense and how much work needs to be done. Folks
      aren't going to take statistical ratings seriously if they don't pass
      the laugh test, and if we're rating Bruce Bowen and Michael Curry as
      the two worst players in the league, then we don't pass it.

      <!-- END RANT -->

      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, bchaikin@a... wrote:
      > This is just silly. Bruce Bowen is one of the 5-10 best defensive
      players in
      > the league. Easily. He has *no* offensive game to speak but being
      among the
      > league elite at half the game has to exempt one from "worst player
      in the
      > league" debates.
      > and this is the crux of any rating system based on the numbers
      generated by
      > the sport, whether they be for greatness or stiffness...
      > but bowen is in my opinion not among the elite at half the game. he
      is from
      > what i can tell and have read and have seen accolades placed on him
      (2nd team
      > all defense) an excellent stand up defender, one of the very best
      in the
      > league. but along with "half that game" of defense is steals,
      blocked shots,
      > and defensive rebounding, at which bowen is not exceptional (poor
      > avg to good at ST and BS). add that to his "...no offensive
      game..." - christ
      > he can't even hit his free throws - and what you have is a one
      trick pony, an
      > excellent stand up defender that is a luxury on a team that can
      afford that,
      > i.e. a team that can make up for his deficiencies at the other
      > on the spurs that's easier than on most teams, with duncan,
      robinson, et al,
      > but it's my belief bowen would have an incredibly tough time
      getting a
      > starting role on a lesser team. the only time he's played more than
      1700 min
      > in a single season in 6 years in the league has been on riley's
      heat, and
      > that was probably because riley already had enough ball handlers on
      > squad with hardaway, eddie jones, and anthony mason and a bench of
      > older possibly over-the-hill veterans so that he stressed defense
      over other
      > qualities. its appears he'll get similar total minutes this season
      on the
      > spurs...
      > bob chaikin
      > bchaikin@b...
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