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178Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: Nets trades: Why (again)?

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  • Al Hoffman
    Jul 4 6:28 AM
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      harlanzo@... wrote:
      > I understand the preference for a pure point guard like Kidd is. In
      > fact he is the second or third best passer I have ever seen (I go
      > back to 84). However, disdain for scoring point guards is not always
      > fair as we can see that other score-first point guards (ie KJ,
      > PAyton, Tim Hardaway) have led very good teams in the past.

      Don't forget Isiah Thomas. He was also a scoring point early in his career.
      As Detroit's arc progressed and others emerged (Dantley, Dumars, etc...),
      his scoring curtailed. In fact, there is an anecdote in, IIRC, "The
      Franchise" by Cameron Stauth about Thomas being royally teed off after a
      playoff win over Chicago. Thomas had scored 40 points or so in a close win
      & Thomas said something like "if I have to score like this then we'll never
      win a championship." But Isiah is, to me, the prototype of a scoring PG
      who changed his game to win a title. Can Marbury do the same if his team
      gets closer to that level?

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