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1773Re: On a lighter note...

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  • Mike G <msg_53@hotmail.com>
    Feb 10, 2003
      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, "Charles Board" <chaboard@n...>
      > ... Bruce Bowen is one of the 5-10 best defensive
      > players in the league. Easily. He has *no* offensive game to
      > speak but being among the league elite at half the game has to
      > exempt one from "worst player in the league" debates.

      Frankly, I considered letting Bowen slip by and not mention him; but
      for the sake of consistency -- there he was, so I named him.

      Bowen is an extreme example of a player without a lot of 'skills' who
      gets a lot of minutes. As others have noticed, he only gets minutes
      on certain teams. He got little time in Boston and Philly, and in
      Miami only when Zo went down.

      His defensive work, on offensive superstars like Kobe, is legendary.
      No doubt it helps to have Duncan and/or Robinson behind you.

      I do realize statistics will never capture defensive ability. At
      least, not until DeanO's army of scoresheet guerrilas are unleashed.

      In the meantime, it could be said that guys like Bowen would not be
      getting ANY minutes (much less 30) without a great defensive presence.
      And in the course of those minutes, they will be picking up some
      points, rebounds, etc., that they otherwise wouldn't, to mark their
      presence in the league.

      This year, Bowen's overall shooting % is way up from last year
      (up .100), though his shot frequency is down. He has one of the
      strangest % lines I've ever seen:

      3-pointers .467
      2-pointers .465
      free throw .429

      He shoots a lot more 3's than FT, so his overall % (.564) is right up
      there with Steve Kerr's, on the Spurs. Only Stephen Jackson has more
      3s, (6 more in 60 more attempts).
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