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1717Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: Cross Generational Simulating/Comparisons

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  • bchaikin@aol.com
    Jan 27, 2003
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      How a simulation should handle different average heights and weights hasn't been answered.

      every season NBA teams of varying heights and weights play each other, and that doesn't seem to cause any problems. is there some sort of discernable pattern to equate an advantage or disadvantage statistically in the span of one season such that NBA teams of varying hts and wts cannot be compared directly? if so state it, if not then why should this be an impediment to more than one season of comparisons?...

      So, if I can show that on average shorter teams do worse than taller teams and I can show that 1960's teams are on average shorter than 1990's teams, is that reasonable evidence that the 1990's teams are likely to be better?  Is that a fair test?


      did you or did you not pose the statement "...how a simulation should handle the different average hts and wts hasn't been answered..."?

      if so, and your next comments are the way you believe to best resolve your own question, then go for it...

      i on the other hand do not see any problems whatsoever. every season has tall teams, every season has shorter teams. i can name champonship teams with tall players playing most of the minutes, and ones with players shorter than most of the teams playing the majority of the minutes..

      i seem to remember a team winning six titles in the past decade with only one 7 footer, and he played just one season of more than 2000 min in those title years. they had one 6'10" player who for 3 straight titles was 3rd on the team in minutes, behind two players that were 6'6" and 6'7" in height. for their 3 later titles they had one 6'8" guy, and one 6'9" guy coming in off the bench. their 7'2" guy never played as many as 2000 minutes in one of those championship seasons. neither the 6'10" guy in the 1st 3 titles nor the 6''8" guy in the 2nd 3 titles was excessively heavy...

      bob chaikin

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