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1714Re: Cross Generational Simulating/Comparisons

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  • John Hollinger <alleyoop2@yahoo.com>
    Jan 27, 2003
      Bob's challenge to prove this got me thinking more about how
      basketball has changed in the last 30 years, such that players from
      30-50 years ago wouldn't be as successful if they played today -- my
      premise being that a guy like Dave DeBusschere or Bailey Howell would
      be less effective today than he was then, even after adjusting for
      weights, diet, jets, etc.

      The more I think about it, the answer is that the talent pool has
      massively expanded.

      There have been three expansions of the pool in NBA history, two well-
      known and one not. The first was the breaking of the color bar in the
      1950s, which let guys Russell and Chamberlain and the Big O into the
      league. The third was the advent of the international player in the
      1980s and 1990s, an expansion that is still continuing.

      But the one that had the biggest impact and is least talked about is
      the second one -- the desegratation of the South.

      Try to find a significant African-American player from the South
      before 1960. Your list will consist of Sam Jones. All the other guys -
      - Wilt, Russell, Big O, etc. -- from the north or west.

      By 1970, just six more guys had joined Sam Jones: Wes Unseld, Willis
      Reed, Walt Bellamy, Walt Frazier, Elvin Hayes and Lou Hudson.

      So there were seven impact African-American players from the South in
      the NBA in 1970, and zero international players.


      Fast forward to today. The entire Eastern Conference All-Star team
      consists of African-Americans from the South. Two of the West's
      starters are international, and one other is from the South
      (Garnett). That's 8 of the 10 starters in the All-Star game. And if
      you thought Shaq should start ahead of Yao it's still 8 out of 10.

      None of these guys would have been playing 30-40 years ago, because
      their route was blocked. The major universities, most notably
      Kentucky, were fielding all-white teams until around 1970, and
      using 'one black starter' or similar quotas well afterward. As a
      result, the change that started with the arrival of Unseld and
      Frazier in the late 60s took 20 years to ripple its way through the
      entire league.

      To see how it changed it, make a list of the most dominant players of
      the last decade or two and then choose sides:

      The international/southern blacks team has:

      -- Hakeem Olajuwon. Shaquille O'Neal. Michael Jordan. Charles
      Barkley. Scottie Pippen. Clyde Drexler. Alex English. Joe Dumars.
      Dale Ellis. Derek Harper. Mo Cheeks. Jeff Malone. Sidney Moncrief.
      Robert Parish. Dennis Rodman. Dominique Wilkins. James Worthy. Ray
      Allen. Tim Duncan. Dirk Nowitzki. Kevin Garnett. Penny Hardaway.
      Allen Iverson. Shawn Kemp. Karl Malone. Toni Kukoc. Antonio McDyess.
      Tracy McGrady. Alonzo Mourning. Dikembe Mutombo. Jermaine O'Neal.
      Mitch Richmond. Ben Wallace. Arvydas Sabonis.

      The white north american/northern blacks team has:

      -- Larry Bird. Isiah Thomas. Adrian Dantley. David Robinson. Patrick
      Ewing. Kevin Johnson. Magic Johnson. Kobe Bryant. Chris Mullin. Tim
      Hardaway. Grant Hill. Jason Kidd. Gary Payton. Stephon Marbury.
      Reggie Miller. Steve Nash. Paul Pierce. Glen Rice. David Robinson.
      John Stockton. Antoine Walker. Rasheed Wallace. Chris Webber. Kevin

      It's no contest, right?

      The massive influx of quality players who previously had no access to
      the path to the professional game -- either because nobody in their
      country played or because of Jim Crow -- is the reason I think there
      is a major difference in the quality of play between 30 years ago and
      now. More than half the good players in the league simply wouldn't be
      there if it was 1970.
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