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160Re: [APBR_analysis] Bulls rant

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  • Ed Weiland
    Jun 30, 2001
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      --- Dean Oliver <deano@...> wrote:
      > Wrt Chicago -- Y'know, after all those years of the
      > Bulls beating up
      > on my teams, I really don't want to ease the pain
      > for Bulls fans. ;)

      Hey, we did have a nice little run, but the last three
      years have been hell! : )

      Seriously, I don't expect much sympathy. I'd have
      hated the Jordan Bulls team also if I hadn't been a
      long-suffering Bulls' fan. I also understand what
      Krause is doing here. He didn't like the direction the
      first rebuilding was taking, so he killed it and
      started over. He now has the two athletic big guys in
      place and now plans on getting his PG in next summer's
      great PG draft. Hopefully Duke's Jason Williams.

      Two problems I have with the trade:

      1. The success rate of high draft picks just isn't all
      that good. Tyson Chandler might become a star, but he
      might also become a softie who got drafted before his
      weaknesses were exposed by college ball.

      2. Krause just didn't get enough for an all-star level
      player. I had no problem dealing Brand. As long as it
      was for the right price. Chandler and Brian Skinner
      seems cheap to me. I felt for Brand they should have
      been able to get, in addition to Chandler, Maggette
      and a future #1 pick or two. Skinner couldn't get
      minutes for the PF-poor Clipps last year.

      Then there's Tim Floyd. I have very little confidence
      that he's the right guy to bring Curry and Chandler
      along. I watched last year as Jamal Crawford followed
      a promising early-season performance with three
      straight DNP-CDs. Floyd spent three years giving Corey
      Benjamin inconsistent court time, while playing the
      likes of Randy Brown, Rusty LaRue, Chris Carr and Fred
      Hoiberg. Floyd also was quoted as saying that he
      thought young players learned more on the bench than
      on the court and bashed Crawford and others for having
      the audacity to wear headbands.

      Ok, I'm in rant mode now and I'll stop. I'm gearing up
      for the Sleuth's rebuilding: Phase II.

      Ed Weiland

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