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157Re: Nets trades: Why (again)?

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  • Dean Oliver
    Jun 29, 2001
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      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., harlanzo@y... wrote:
      > At the risk of losing any semblance of an sanity or objective
      > analysis, I must say that I have no idea what the Nets are doing.
      > Trading Marbury for Kidd makes little sense. It just looks like
      > want a team the will be quasi-competitive with no players with high
      > upside like the young Griffin and Marbury for Kidd (28) and a bunch
      > of low first round picks.

      My take on this from NJ's side is that

      1. Coach Scott didn't exactly know how to build around Marbury,
      having played around a PG like Kidd (Magic)

      2. Kidd is a much better defensive player than Marbury

      3. Kidd, despite his shooting flaws, is a better team leader than

      4. NJ, with a bunch of saps and injuries on the team, really didn't
      have much to lose to make all the deals they did.

      I can see why the Suns did the trade, too. If they can get Marbury to
      play D like Phoenix does, if they can continue to see growth out
      of Marion, if Cliff Robinson has a career year, if Penny returns
      to All-Star form, if Jake develops a game, they have a good high
      variance team that has a shot at upsetting the Lakers. Frankly, I
      think the general malaise in Phoenix over a suddenly defensive and not
      offensive team bugged the owners. That, plus general bad luck. I
      wonder how long Skiles has there if they don't improve a lot.

      Wrt Chicago -- Y'know, after all those years of the Bulls beating up
      on my teams, I really don't want to ease the pain for Bulls fans. ;)

      Dean Oliver
      Journal of Basketball Studies
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