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1547Re: Team gains and losses since last year, by player

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  • tamada2
    Dec 4, 2002
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      Subject: [APBR_analysis] Team gains and losses since last year, by

      GS 57 27.4 Richardson,Jason 23.7 GS
      LAC 6 25.9 Olowokandi,Micha 25.6 LAC
      LAC -49 15.1 Richardson,Quent 26.4 LAC
      Mem 36 20.8 Watson,Earl 15.9 Sea
      Sea 86 28.2 Mason,Desmond 22.3 Sea
      Sea 1 29.7 Lewis,Rashard 29.7 Sea

      Some reactions:

      The Richardsons and Mason still strike me as almost like triplets:
      extremely athletic SGs who were mainly dunkers as rookies but who are
      learning to hit the outside jumper. All have all-star potential. Q
      Richardson of course has been slowed down this season by injury; he
      might be the least promising of the three but he still has potential.

      Olowokandi hasn't been great, but he's been better than I expected,
      playing a serviceable center. In a very lean era for centers, he may
      be the best free agent center out there. It'd still be a mistake for
      a team to shell out big bucks for him; granted the alternative
      centers are pretty lame-looking, but since practically every team is
      afflicted with the same problem, putting a mediocre center or out-of-
      position PF out there on the court is still a better option than
      overpaying for the Kandi man.

      Watson's improvement was no surprise, I hated to see him leave the
      Sonics. They should've added a team option to his second year when
      they signed him, instead they simple-mindedly signed him to a 1-year
      contract, and salary restrictions prevented them from matching other
      team's offers.

      I'd thought Lewis was doing a pretty good job of living up to his big
      new contract but these numbers say he's unchanged overall.

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