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154Re: [APBR_analysis] Eddie Griffin: Why?

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  • Charles Steinhardt
    Jun 28, 2001
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      On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Jim Hekel wrote:

      > --- Ed Weiland <weiland1029@...> wrote:
      > > Now can you spin the Elton Brand trade in a way that
      > > will ease my pain? : )
      > >
      > > Ed Weiland

      Here, I'll take a shot at it. Just remember that I don't necessarily
      believe all of this, but I think it's a reasonable spin

      > Nope. I think Krause finally went off the deep end. I
      > can't think that either of the high schoolers will
      > average 20 points and 10 rebounds a game like Brand
      > has the past two years. Heck, they might not average

      Brand was a 20 and 10 man because he was on a crappy team rather than
      because he was a superstar, and on a better team he's not going to be as
      good. He also wasn't really a center, and with the new zone rules size is
      very important on the interior. Basically, he's worth a lot more now than
      he is later, and he wasn't going to re-sign with the Bulls anyway.

      > that combined! Should have drafted Battier to take
      > care of the small forward problem. Actually I thought
      > it would be interesting to watch Eddy Curry develop
      > with Brand by his side. Now, who will show him how
      > it's done? It's a big gamble. It could be the dawning
      > of a modern Twin Towers (Make that Twin Teen Towers)

      Consider that this would be the first time two high school prospects have
      been given the change to develop their games specifically with the thought
      in mind of playing alongside the other at the NBA level. With good
      chemistry between these two, not only do their games work well together,
      but in three years there is also much more of an incentive to these two to
      stay together, hopefully in Chicago. Both are great defenders inside, and
      there is a good chance that in a zone defense, the two of them will be
      able to stop Shaq in a couple of years.

      > or they could end up looking like Benoit Benjamin.
      > Maybe Krause figures they will have to give him
      > another two or three years to let the kids develop
      > before they can his can. Jim Hekel

      Hey - just give them time. They may be high schoolers, and I think
      they're about a year or two away from being dominant, but we've just
      drafted 2/3 of a dominant frontcourt for the next twenty years. Can you
      imagine if Kobe was a big man with the same kind of dominance at at power
      forward as he currently has further outside? On that team all you need to
      do is add a point guard and you're set for the next ten years. And even
      if only one of them completely pans out, the Admiral isn't exactly a 20
      and 10 guy anymore and San Antone was the second best team in the league
      this year because of their inside presence, even if only one of the two
      was putting up legit star numbers. This trade makes the Bulls the
      prototypical team of the future - drafted from the inside out. Look at
      the priority on big men - how many guards were taken in the first 20 picks
      or so? Remember when point guards used to be the first thing teams
      needed? First point guard was taken pretty low for a franchise player,
      wasn't he? This is the wave of the future, and Bulls are leading the way.

      [That enough spin for ya?]


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