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1531Re: East vs. West again

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  • harlanzo
    Nov 28, 2002
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      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., "Dean Oliver" <deano@r...> wrote:
      >> So Why? Why did this happen? No major West to East talent swaps
      > were made. Vin Baker certainly does not count. Basically, there
      > some reshuffling within conferences with a bit of talent going to
      > Jersey. Teams have mostly gotten better with about the same
      > Is this the effect of the zone, which is vastly more important
      > year? Is Western offensive talent more susceptible to getting
      > by zones? Does the zone significantly help those eastern teams
      > are generally not as quick as the western teams?
      > I'm brainstorming here and probably feeding a column for JohnH.
      > Thoughts?

      Obviously, it does not help that the two best teams in the NBA last
      year, LA and Sac, have had major injuries. In addition, as great as
      Dallas has been, Portland has been in turmoil an SA Spurs have been
      weaker for some reason. In addition, the clipps who were not so
      good last year are stuggling for a variety of reasons.

      Conversely, Orlando has Hill back (most of the time), Philly is
      better, and Indiana has developed. the east was as bad as it
      could've been last year and the west was about as good as it
      could've been. the penudulum has swung a bit but really the east
      looks better now than it will at the end of the season when sac and
      la start to roll and indiana tapers off a little (to 50 wins not 60).
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