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151Re: [APBR_analysis] Eddie Griffin: Why?

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  • Ed Weiland
    Jun 28, 2001
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      --- harlanzo@... wrote:
      > THis will be more of an emotional posting than an
      > analytical one. As
      > a nets fan, I do not understand any reason for this
      > trade. I know
      > the nets need depth but Collins, Jefferson, and that
      > third guy
      > (Brendan Armstrong) are not difficult commodities to
      > acquire. It
      > just seems that the Nets squandered a commodity for
      > players with
      > decent upside but also some downside when if they
      > were intent on
      > trading the pick they could have probably gotten a
      > veteran who is
      > more of known quantity.

      Emotional? I'm a Bulls fan, so you don't know the half
      of how I feel about last night's going ons. : (

      I'm not a big Eddie Griffin fan. He has great talent,
      but his actions on the court and off seemed to
      negatively impact Seton Hall last season. It's one
      thing to be an immature goofball. It's another to let
      this behavior affect your team. Off the court he's
      punched a teammate two seasons in a row now. Last
      season, Seton Hall tanked right after the punch, IIRC.
      On the court he didn't seem to be using very good
      judgement in the games I saw him play. Launching
      ridiculous shots rather than looking for teammates and
      the like. He is just a college frosh and might become
      a fine player. There also might be a good reason he
      slid to #7, despite having such great talent.

      On whether the Nets made the right move on passing on
      Rodney White, I have no idea. I agree with you that
      it's best to take a chance on players like White or
      Griffin, who have star potential. I also agree that
      filling out the roster can be done fairly easily. This
      is a deep draft however, and the Nets just might have
      made the right move going for quantity. I do know that
      Jefferson looked very good to me, especially
      defensively, during the tournament and that Collins is
      rated very highly in all those TENDEX-type of
      rankings. The same could have been said about Ed
      O'Bannon and Corey Benjamin, however.

      Now can you spin the Elton Brand trade in a way that
      will ease my pain? : )

      Ed Weiland

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