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1437RE: [APBR_analysis] Re: Playoff overachievers, revisited

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  • Michael Tamada
    Oct 25, 2002
      That reminds me, the player who at least early in his career Horry most reminds me of, in terms of playoff explosions, is Cedric Maxwell. I believe he was finals MVP in 1981, and in 1982 said "climb on my back boys" as he again started soaring in the playoffs -- not enough to overcome Dr J and company however, who in turn could not overcome the Kareem & Magic Show.

      He was a good starter in the regular season, but not an all-star caliber player. But in the early 1980s, his playoff exploits were Horry-esque. Don't know about his overall career though. I don't think he showed up on MikeG's alltime lists.

      Reggie Miller is, or has been, an all-star in the regular season so his playoff exploits, while the stuff of legend, are not quite so astounding as Horry's. Maybe we need to coin a phrase, when someone comes out of nowhere to torture an opponent in the playoffs, we can say that he "Horryfied" them.

      Actually, although his regular season and playoff careers were too short to appear on these alltime lists, I would guess that Billy Ray Bates was the most extreme playoff exploder of them all. I wonder if Cassell was in Horry's class his first couple of years in Houston. Since then Cassell's regular season stats have improved, I think especially relative to his playoff stats.


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      > The top of the list, in career 'extra' pts + reb + ....
      > 835 Michael Jordan
      > 675 Bill Russell
      > 578 Hakeem Olajuwon
      > 577 Reggie Miller
      > 548 Kareem
      > 545 Isiah Thomas
      > 476 Jerry West
      > 434 John Havlicek
      > 410 Robert Horry
      > [...]
      > Fascinating, good to see that some of our subjective
      judgements are backed by some statistical evidence, i.e. the way
      Reggie always seemed to come through big time, and of course Horry.

      Horry has had only 1 weak playoff, his first year in LA. He
      shot .638 (career best), but not often. Bad coaching?

      Horry's other playoffs are good from day 1, and several have been in
      the Monster class, especially his Rockets title runs. In his first 3
      years, 38% of his 3-pt FG came in the playoffs.

      Horry is kind of unique, in that he is a 2nd-tier player who can
      carry the best teams at the most crucial times.
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