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1271Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: Ballhogs

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  • Michael K. Tamada
    Sep 12, 2002
      On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, John Hollinger wrote:

      > A few more hogs, or guys with hog reps, to look at:
      > --World B. Free
      > --Chuck Person
      > --Tom Chambers
      > --Lamond Murray
      > --Trevor Ruffin - an obscure player, but I suspect he will blow
      > nearly everybody else off the charts

      Has anyone mentioned Freeman Williams yet? My guess is he'd make World B
      Free look shy.

      > Somebody mentioned Reggie Miller before, but he's the anti-hog. He
      > get as many points from as few shots as anyone who has played the
      > game.

      I think he was mentioned in the Alan Iverson context, as the "necessary
      ball-dominator" as opposed to "ball hog" -- i.e. he had to be the guy who
      shot a lot, including bad shots, because no one else on his team could be
      relied upon to make the offense go.

      Two differences between Miller and Iverson though: Miller must surely
      have vastly better shooting percentage and efficiency stats than Iverson
      (which is what you allude to above); and Miller often had better-scoring
      teammates (Smits, Person, etc.) than Iverson.

      And of course Iverson shoots and scores more than Miller does. But as
      John Craven pointed out, Iverson can be considered to be a "necessary ball
      dominator" -- the 76ers go nowhere unless they put the ball in his hands
      and have him shoot.

      Miller on the other hand never dominated the Pacers' offense the way
      Iverson does the 76ers'. He didn't have Iverson's ball-hoggedly low FG%,
      but he also didn't have to be the guy shooting 30 times a game.

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