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1268Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: Ballhogs (Bob's database)

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  • bchaikin@aol.com
    Sep 12, 2002
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      I've made great use of Bob's database, and am much appreciative.  I
      think the 'limit' feature is essential to it's usefulness. 
      Otherwise, it does take a while to page up and down.

      thank you very much for the compliment. yes the limit feature is real nice - did you know that you can limit on any column, even columns with text?.....and again any suggestions for ways to improve the database are always appreciated...

      There are also a lot of columns I don't need, like certain
      percentages.  This makes it harder to see the columns at the far
      right and left. 

      all you have to do is to double-click on any column and it "disappears" - is hidden. you can hide as many columns as you wish so that you don't have to view stats/columns you don't want to. a nice feature when looking at old time stats where few stats were actually kept and most columns are dashes (all explained in the online instructions). to "unhide" any or all of the columns you hid go to the top menu "Options", then "Unhide", and click on any of the columns you want returned or click on "Unhide All"...

      The one drawback is (unless I've missed something) that normal
      scrolling doesn't happen, or is cumbersome.  This makes it rather
      unwieldy for just browsing. 

      if you get a chance try using the new football stats database at www.bballsports.com that we just posted for free download. a number of the "problems" with the old basketball/baseball/hockey databases have been fixed in the football database - ex: scrolling up/down now is instantaneous, and you can "combine" any records by player name, year, team, etc. example: in the football players database with one click of the mouse you can combine all yearly player records to combine by "player name" to get player career totals, one line per player. all of these changes will be implemented in basketball and the others in the next few months...

      bob chaikin

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