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  • harlanzo
    Sep 12, 2002
      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., john wallace craven <john1974@u...> wrote:
      > One small point in defense of 'Nique: Theoretically, a low-
      > shooter can take the most shots on his team and still be helpful to
      > Think of Iverson on the 76ers a couple years ago.

      True, does anyone have any sort of stastical data breaking donw a
      player's shooting % based on distance? (ie from the inside the paint
      from 15-20 ft, and then 3 point shots). This might give insight into
      whether the % nique or Stackhouse shot is acceptable or truly
      chucking. With Iverson I'd venture that his 40% from 18-25 feet on
      his 25 shots a game would come up better than giving half his shots
      to the likes of george lynch and ty hill from 12-18 feet.
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