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1265Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: Ballhogs

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  • Michael K. Tamada
    Sep 12, 2002
      On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Mike G wrote:


      > 1985
      > Nique --- .506 24.4


      > 1989
      > Nique --- .520 24.4

      Two seasons where Wilkins had the LOWEST shooting percentage, and HIGHEST
      points scored (and ipso facto highest shot attempts) of the top 5
      teammates. That might be getting close to the definition of a ballhog
      right there.

      > 1993
      > Nique --- .559 29.3

      > In this 4-year interval, Nique's shooting pct rose steadily, while
      > his scoring help faded. (Following year, traded for Manning).
      > By one definition, the player with the best scoring efficiency should
      > really shoot more (not less), and thus cannot be considered a ballhog.
      > So Dominique Wilkins evolved from being truly a hog, to somewhat of a
      > hog, to being just a great offensive player.

      Yes. I hadn't realized that there'd been that improvement in Wilkins'
      numbers, thanks. Although those earlier career numbers make him appear
      even worse of a gunner than I'd been thinking.

      > Another possible consideration is Wilkins' very-bad playoff rating.
      > If reputations are earned in the postseason, perhaps I should be
      > looking there.

      Those were also interesting and confirmatory of our ballhog memories of

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