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1260Re: Ballhogs - Dominique Wilkins

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  • Dean Oliver
    Sep 12, 2002
      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., bchaikin@a... wrote:
      > To clarify, "ball possessions" = "touches"?
      > for all intent and purpose, yes
      > So 'nique shot 50% of the time he touched it? Even higher than
      > Iverson in the Finals in 2001, huh? How confident are you in the
      > you estimate? Can you post a bunch of players with the highest
      > values of %shoot?
      > how confident? the numbers are right on - but as you know the
      larger the
      > sample population size (more possesisions, like over the span of a
      > the more accurate you are...

      But the #'s are estimated from formulas, though, right? Are you
      saying the formulas are always perfect?

      I know you estimate only 40% of Iverson's touches were shots in 2000
      playoffs. Different year than what Stu mentioned and his was only
      Finals, but I don't imagine things would be horribly different. 9%
      is a lot of difference.

      > this data has been posted for some time now at www.apbr.org ever
      since robert
      > bradley posted the stats database for download. all players since
      > and most of the ABA players, have possession factors (touches/min)
      > %shoot, %fouled, %pass, and %TO (what i call "player attributes")
      listed in
      > the stats database at www.apbr.org, both for the regular season
      stats and
      > also the playoffs (i.e. you can compare a player's regular season
      stats with
      > his playoffs stats). you can sort the entire database by these

      I've done it in the past, it's just that that online db is pretty
      hard to use -- some columns aren't readable and you can't do much
      analysis with because you can't save any of the data. Can't do the
      averaging over a career like you did, for example. I guess looking
      at seasons is simple enough.

      Mike Mitchell shows up a lot as someone with high %shoot. Walt
      Piatkowski? Jamaal Wilkes, Robert Parish, Wayman Tisdale, Scott
      Wedman, Terry Catledge are up there.
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