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120Re: How good are the Lakers?

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  • Dean Oliver
    May 28, 2001
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      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., Ed Weiland <weiland1029@y...> wrote:
      > The Lakers didn't have a historic regular season in
      > either W-L record or point differential. But they
      > might be on their way to an unprecedented 15-0 sweep

      Ed's points are very good here. I'd been thinking about it myself.
      One thing I would add is that the Laker defense was the weakspot
      during the regular season. It is also what has improved
      significantly in the playoffs. This points to 2 things

      1. It emphasizes that defense is what takes effort and that the
      Lakers were a bit lazy during the season, knowing that they could
      turn it on in the postseason.

      2. The best offensive teams are probably better off in the playoffs.
      I did a quick study of this (using certain assumptions about whether
      teams slack off in the regular season) and posted it at


      "They Say Defense Wins Championships"...

      For the record, I had the Lakers and the Bucks with the best offense
      this year.

      Dean Oliver
      Journal of Basketball Studies

      > through the playoffs. I know there's a lot of
      > basketball to be played yet, but whether it's the
      > Bucks or the Sixers, the East opponent will not only
      > be worn down, they'll also be possibly the worst team
      > the Lakers will face during their run. A four game
      > sweep in the finals is not only a possibility, it
      > seems downright likely. Especially if 15-0 (or
      > tree-fo-fo-fo as Moses Malone might put it) is a
      > possibility going in. You know the Lakers are thinking
      > about it now and will be gunning for it.
      > Here are some of the best playoff runs until this
      > season that I found:
      > '61 Celtics 8-2 11.9 point diff
      > '71 Bucks 12-2 14.5
      > '82 Lakers 12-2 6.1
      > '83 Sixers 12-1 6.5
      > '86 Celtics 15-3 10.3
      > '87 Lakers 15-3 11.4
      > '91 Bulls 15-2 11.8
      > '96 Bulls 15-3 10.6
      > The '01 Lakers are 10-0/14.1 so far. I don't ever like
      > to declare any team the best ever, especially a team
      > hasn't even been crowned champions yet and that's not
      > what I'm saying here. I will say that IF the Lakers go
      > on to run the table in the playoffs, you'd at the very
      > least have to call it the most impressive playoff
      > performance ever. Considering it's being done against
      > possibly the best eight team field one conference has
      > ever sent into the playoffs, it's that much more
      > amazing. Kind of a bummer, since I was looking forward
      > to a more exciting playoffs. At least we might get to
      > see history made.
      > Ed Weiland
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