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1126Re: Dream Team vs. the rest of the NBA

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  • HoopStudies
    Jul 16, 2002
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      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., "dlirag" <dlirag@h...> wrote:
      > I'm wondering about what the W-L record of a team composed of the
      > league's best players would be if it played once against each NBA
      > team? Would it be 29-0 or something lower? I don't know whather the
      > high correlation between a player's performance and that of his
      > makes this impossible to predict reliably.

      Assuming that team had something to gain by going 29-0, as opposed to
      27-2, they probably would go 29-0. The longest win streak ever was
      33, so 29 straight seems realistic. Also assumes that they get the
      same kind of practice as everyone else to get used to each other,
      that they no longer reside on other teams (Kobe and Shaq are on the
      dream team, not on the Lakers anymore).

      The hesitation I would have is whether they had something to gain and
      whether they'd play D enough. You can set up a tourney where they
      make a huge amt of $ if they go 29-0, so you can take care of that.
      I think the D talent of the perceived top players is actually quite
      high right now, so I don't think D would be a problem either, but it
      might. Kobe, Kidd, Duncan are legit very good defenders. Shaq is
      very good when he wants to be. Vince Carter's D is not great. Not
      sure if he's top 12, though. How are we picking this team? If you
      pick it to eliminate other teams from having the possibility of
      beating, you take Iverson away from Philly, but I don't think you
      take him on pure ability. He and Larry Brown and a good defensive
      center make for a team that can win 1.

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