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1072WNBA talent level rising?

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  • rnmscott
    Jul 5, 2002
      Someone observed yesterday than when the WNBA started, the average
      player age was 30 - older pros presumably. Now it is around 27.

      I have not checked this, but couple of times 27 has been mentioned
      as 'peak age' for performance for basketball in the NBA - not sure if
      this holds for WNBA/females though?

      Anyway - seems that the field goal percentage is up about 1% this year
      as is the 3pt%. Also, the assist to turnover ratio (vague talent
      indicator) is up from about 1 to 1.06 as of before yesterday. Hence
      scoring is up about 6 points a game. H-A differential sti.ll similar

      Do all these suggest the talent level is indeed increasing in this
      league, so moving away from 'collegeness' level of talent to become
      more 'professional'?
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