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Fw: Flash: IRA to make historic statement

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      Subject: Flash: IRA to make historic statement

      >>>>>> IRA to make historic statement

       Preparations are underway for a landmark statement by the Provisional
       IRA, announcing an end its armed struggle for a united Ireland and
       agreeing to turn to political methods.

       New-York businessman Niall O'Dowd, who said he had been briefed on the
       contents of the statement, described it as "a truly historic moment in
       Irish history".

       The statement is a response to an appeal to the IRA by Sinn Fein
       President Gerry Adams, who called for the IRA to move into a new mode
       so that the struggle could be "taken forward by other means".

       Mr Adams asked the IRA: "Can you take courageous initiatives which
       will achieve your aims by purely political and democratic activity?"

       It is hoped the move will end a lengthy deadlock in the Irish peace
       process. Ian Paisley's DUP, now the largest unionist party in the
       North, has refused to share power with Sinn Fein or even hold talks
       with the party.

       Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness is travelling to the U.S., where he will
       meet Irish-American politicians and activists to discuss the latest

       O'Dowd, speaking to the New York Times last night, said "It is the
       first time since the founding of the Irish state that the I.R.A. has
       agreed that there should be no armed struggle.

       "Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness have taken an armed revolutionary
       movement and succeeded in placing it on a political path. Irish
       history is littered with people such as Michael Collins, who tried to
       do the same and failed."

       Barring last-minute delays, the statement is expected to be published
       tonight or tomorrow.

       * Irish Republican News will be providing up-to-minute coverage of the
       statement and other developments as they unfold.

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