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Re: Open Letter to Bp. Roy Grote, REC

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  • D. Philip Veitch
    (Bp) Roy;   Given that the REC is a public institution, a tax exempt organization recognized by state laws, an entity reported on in news outlets, an entity
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      (Bp) Roy;
      Given that the REC is a public institution, a tax exempt organization recognized by state laws, an entity reported on in news outlets, an entity with several seminaries, an entity with an history going back to 1873 (albeit not in communion with Canterbury to this day), an organization with websites across the nation, and a denomination with an intention of being party to the new Anglican Province of North America, we believe our questions about the "Requiem Mass" at Christ the King Reformed Episcopal Church warrant an explanation.
      Without an explanation, our conclusions will run in negative lines:  (1) indifferent to the public, (2) possible superciliousness with respect to the public, (3) fearfulness that one external exposition of the Requiem Mass will run counter to an internal exposition.  Other conclusions will be assayed, even in the case of a negative (=non) response.
      We ask you again for an explanation of this event as well as the underlying theology of it.
      We are also aware of the document entitled "True Unity in the Cross" (at recus.org) which legitimates a Anglo-Roman or Anglo-Tractarian interpretation of the Articles, as a co-equally valid interpreation with the historic, Protestant interpretation.  Your signature is on that document.  That document also requires analysis, although, for now, it stands outside our request about the Requiem Mass.
      Given that you signed this document, all REC Churchmen and seminarians, past, current and future, have an interest and right to understand your views as it bears on the Requiem Mass.
      Thank you in advance for your thoughtful help to be offered us.
      D. Philip Veitch

      --- On Sun, 3/15/09, D. Philip Veitch <reformationtoday@...> wrote:
      From: D. Philip Veitch <reformationtoday@...>
      Date: Sunday, March 15, 2009, 11:23 PM

      (Bp) Presbyter Roy Grote:
      Today, Sunday, is the expiration date for an answer re: the Requiem Mass....a Requiem Mass held in an REC Church within the last month in California under the governance of a Mr. Brian Foos, an APA-turned-REC clergyman.   A service performed under the aegis of (Bp) Presbyter Royce or Boyce (?).  As a former evangelical Anglican yourself, we would eagerly post any defense of that practice in relation to the Scripture or historic Anglican practices. We want you to have a fair, open, thoughtful, biblical, kind, but rigourous analysis.
      Your defense will be published without editting.
      We offer you an additional 48 hours.  After that, we will proceed to investigate other sources and leads.  We want to understand the underlying theology of a Requiem Mass. We will also publish widely a negative or non-response.  You will get our conclusions.
      We  understand a claim of "confusion" was offerred in back-channels ways, but this is hardly satisfying to those of us--in my forums--who are readers and thinkers.  We want an offical response.  Roy, can you handle that?  Can you handle being open about what one of your churches does?  If not, we'll draw some horrific and tough conclusions about you.

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