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583W2Q2: Tractarians and Sola Scriptura

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  • D. Philip Veitch
    Mar 20, 2009
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      For the seminarians:
      Alongside of Martin Chemnitz's three-volume work on The Council of Trent, I heartily commend to your reading William Goode's The Divine Rule of Faith and Practice.  This is freely available at www.books.google.com. It is the Anglican counterpart to Chemnitz, a genuinely scholarly work on sola scriptura.
      If this forum influences one person on this point, our labours will be rewarded.  Especially, if there is a young scholar willing to read, live, write, and stand for the truth of God's sovereign Word.  Everywhere I turn, William Goode is referenced in the literature.
      Let it be known that Tractarianism was well-sketched in English theological life, some 30-years before the REC was justifiably formed.  The REC founders were--as one report has it--"prominent Episcopal clergyman."  They weren't backwoods prophets.  Cummins had an influential charge in Norfolk, VA as well as Washington DC, prior to his episcopal work in Kentucky.
      While FreeREC is more narrowly construed for REC-ers, I post to PACE, Reformedconcepts, and other Churchmen, to wit, that we may rally to the recover of the Sovereignty of His Majesty's Word, something we already believe, but something that must forever be defended.
      For the RES students, read Goode and test everything you are taught at RES. Read all of Chemnitz too.  Also, stick close to www.churchsociety.org. Fellow-students (seminarians), read widely and weigh carefully.
      As an aside, note carefully in Paul's Epistles not one reference to rabbis.  Scriptures only, especially in that beloved Epistle to the Romans. Let's face it.  Episcopal Bishops are ignorant of the Bible, theology and history.  Let us not be misled by the liberals, ACNA-types, or the Anglo-Romanising REC-ers.

      For theological Marines, time for some hand-to-hand combat in tough street-fighting, block-by-block. “One shot, one kill.” For theological Sailors here, “Hit em’ hard, hit em’ fast, and hit em’ often.” (ADM “Bull” Halsey, Pacific Fleet Commander, United States Navy, WW2).  As Guardian-Warriors, wolves are to be driven off with charitable rigour, and, if they resist, shoot to theologically kill, lest further injury befall the elect.  Liking this onerous duty is optional;  doing it is non-negotiable. We're in combat. Let us "maintain course and bearing." No time for sap, sugar, lace and effeminacy.
      Semper Fi, Fellow Warriors, D. Philip Veitch
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