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Re: [ANext_LARP] Desslok's Denouement

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    I really wished I could have seen Joe play him as a PC. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry® ... From: Rob Metzger
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      I really wished I could have seen Joe play him as a PC.

      Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

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      Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 14:11:23 -0400
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      And a thank you to Joe for playing Desslock, because without such a wonderful performance of, with, in that character I would never have watched Space Battleship Yamato.

      On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 2:01 PM, Joe Foering <jfoering@...> wrote:

      Hello everybody. This is Joe, aka Leader Desslok.

      [Desslok! Desslok-Desslok! Desslok! Desslok-Desslok!]

      I just want to say that despite being committed to other Anime NEXT
      events which basically scrapped most of Friday's LARPing for me, I had
      an absolute blast this year. While everyone with whom I interacted
      helped make my experience fun, I also wanted to give some individual
      shout-outs. Apologies in advance if I leave anyone out.

      * Ed Elric, Alex Armstrong, and the other Alchemists -- Can't say
      enough about the help that you guys gave us, both on the ground and in
      the air. I wonder what more Gamilon science could do with alchemy to
      back us up...

      * Miss A-ko and the Saiyans -- thanks for your strong backs in lifting
      my ship onto the launcher. The Saiyan home planet is officially off
      my Planet Bomb list. Oh wait... :)

      * Magus -- Something deep down told me that you had ulterior motives
      for entering into Desslok's service. In other news, water is wet. :)
      And even though I never did discover what you were really after, much
      fun was had in the attempt.

      * Big ups to the best crew in all of space, my homies on the bridge of
      the "Spirit of Gamilon." You all performed your duties admirably --
      especially when Desslok's player had to duck out for a
      sparsely-attended panel just as the main battle was heating up. Your
      names will be forever written in the Gamilon Rolls of Honor, and I'd
      be proud to serve with you anytime, anywhere. Everyone give it up

      *** Condor Joe (Executive Officer and Commando Raider) -- Always good
      to see another fan who remembers the old-school shows. There's no
      school like the old school. And Condor Joe made a perfect
      second-in-command to compliment a cool and collected galactic despot
      like me. Yuke! Yuke, yuke, Gatchaman!

      *** Gintoki Sakata (Navigation Officer) -- By the end of the weekend I
      was out of superlatives to describe how cool your play was. You were
      my first and most valued follower, and your enthusiasm set the tone
      for the entire weekend. There may have been other pilots to be found,
      but in retrospect who else could I have tapped to fly my beloved
      Command Cruiser? Well done, sir!

      *** Keima Katsuragi (Gunnery Officer) -- After Condor Joe left to
      participate in the raid to rescue Rika, you came to the bridge and
      made that Gunnery chair your own. Your cool hand, keen eye, and fiery
      temper kept us in the battle to the bitter end. And think how much
      better you would have been had you put the Game Boy down! :)

      *** Maya Fey (Life Sciences and Impromptu Alchemical Repair Crew) --
      As always, it was a pleasure to LARP with you. Your support and
      enthusiasm for the Leader's efforts was contagious, and your
      alchemical efforts (who knew?) literally kept the ship together during
      the final mission when all seemed lost. As far as Desslok is
      concerned, Maya will *never* have to pay him Tuesday for a hamburger

      *** Phoenix Wright (Scanning Officer, Legal Counsel) -- Your pinpoint
      scanning, alchemical assistance, and timely legal maneuvering made a
      huge difference for the Leader. Consider yourself on retainer (with
      all accompanying fees and billable hours) for as long as you like.

      *** Dryden Fassa (Science Officer) -- Your assistance in rebuilding
      and launching the ship, and in keeping her going once the battle was
      on, was invaluable. Thanks to your catapult launcher, I can finally
      say with accuracy that the world was saved by STEAM!

      *** Marisa Kirisame (Magical Officer) -- We needed a Magical Officer
      to regulate the non-standard energies that were powering the ship, and
      I did not forget your efforts to save me during the fracas on the
      endless staircase on Saturday. By all accounts you did splendidly
      (and what else would we expect from OsakaPapa?).

      * And last but not least, big props to the GMs. This was just about
      the most fun I've had at a LARP in I don't know how long, and I have
      you guys to thank for it. Thanks especially for doing your homework
      on Desslok, and giving an old fogey the chance to spread his
      old-school character's wings and prove that there's still room for a
      '70s-era space-opera galactic despot amongst the Narutos and Pokemons
      of this world.

      And now, since everyone seems to be writing their own epilogues, here
      is Desslok's denouement:

      Homeward Wends the Conquering Galactic Despot

      Leader Desslok walked the corridors of the newly re-repaired "Spirit
      of Gamilon" and reflected. The term "Epic" was one that Desslok felt
      was overused, and often misused, by today's youth; invoking such a
      term repeatedly robbed it of its significance, its impact. But in
      this case, "epic" was the only word he felt could do justice to what
      had transpired. In such a short time, he and his new-found allies had
      raised his ship from what could have been its final resting place and
      restored it to its former glory. A shame, really, that many of those
      busts and bas-relief images of that Armstrong fellow had been blown
      off in the battle that followed. But some of them remained, along
      with the maqssive frontal "hood ornament" of the Leader himself,
      pointing the ship towards the future. He decided to leave them all in
      place. A little ostentatious, perhaps, but surely one is entitled to
      a little "bling" once in a while, no?

      And then it struck him, why he felt so different: those who worked
      under him had *succeeded* at their tasks. He hadn't shot a
      subordinate in weeks -- because he didn't have to. He had inspired
      those under him using enthusiasm instead of fear, and it had paid off!
      The great enemy had been defeated, the threat to the multiverse had
      been averted, the people had been saved. He had... won.

      After all his struggles with the Star Force, his imprisonment by
      Princess Invidia, the crash of his ship on this rocky planetoid,
      actual victory had been so elusive, so long in coming, that he wasn't
      sure (loath as he was to admit this) that it would ever come again.
      And it had come because Gamilons, humans, and other creatures had come
      together in a spirit of cooperation he could have scarcely imagined
      possible. And more importantly, now that victory had come to pass,
      Desslok wasn't sure how to proceed. For the first time in a long
      time, he had no war to wage, no vengeance to seek. What now?

      But just as quickly as the question was asked, the answer came to him.
      Once before Desslok had remarked that he was at the crossroads. But
      crossroads, he reflected, are where someone stands still when they are
      unsure of where to go. Desslok was no longer unsure. Not since his
      clashes with the Star Force had he felt so invigorated, so alive.
      Space is vast, he thought; space is alive with wonders. Time to seek
      them out.

      Desslok arrived back on the bridge and sat in his opulent command
      chair, after chasing "Captain" Tylor out of it for the third time in
      as many days. Somewhere in the Sea of Stars lay the future for
      Desslok and his new entourage. And getting there would be half the
      fun. He turned to his navigator and gave the order, "Engage the
      engines. We're ready to go."

      The pilot snapped to professional attention and queried, "What course, my Lord?"

      A smile played across Desslok's face. "Second star to the right," he
      replied, "and straight on 'til morning."

      Joe Foering -- jfoering@...
      Otakon 2011 -- July 29 - 31, 2011

    • L Wilson
      ... * Miss A-ko and the Saiyans -- thanks for your strong backs in lifting my ship onto the launcher. The Saiyan home planet is officially off my Planet Bomb
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        --- On Mon, 6/20/11, Joe Foering <jfoering@...> wrote

        * Miss A-ko and the Saiyans -- thanks for your strong backs in lifting
        my ship onto the launcher. The Saiyan home planet is officially off
        my Planet Bomb list. Oh wait... 

        ---Yeah, if anyone responds to that I"ll let Mitch, being he played the resident Prince of all Saiyans.

        I had fun with our sudden crashing of your ship while we were all exploring. Thanks for putting up with a bunch of us crazy teens! As always Joe, you are AMAZING to play with, and watch at work. You school a lot of us, and are an inspiration as a player. Keep up the great work!


        (F. Trunks 2011)

        (Kakashi Hatake 2010)

        (Umehito Nekozawa 2009)

        (Allen Walker 2008)

        (Kakashi Hatake 2007)

      • Pauline A
        ... fffff, that ll learn me to check my email at work. XD While I m here, thanks for making my first stint as gm so... interesting, guys. X3 And thanks for
        Message 3 of 5 , Jun 21, 2011
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          >>He hadn't shot a subordinate in weeks

          fffff, that'll learn me to check my email at work.  XD

          While I'm here, thanks for making my first stint as gm so... interesting, guys.  X3  And thanks for everyone's patience with the duels~!  See you next year.  ^_____^
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